Robert Wayne Feezer Memorial Scholarship
The R. Wayne Feezer Memorial Scholarship offered by Ward’s Chapel United Methodist Church honors the memory of Wayne, an active lifetime member of the Church and is awarded annually to active church members pursuing post-secondary education. The scholarship was created to reward our youth at WCUMC and encourage their continued involvement at WCUMC and in other Christian activities. Applicants are not limited to first-year students, yet when funds are limited, first-year applicants will be given priority. Scholarships of up to $5,000 per academic year will be awarded based on the following: church involvement, community service, academic record, letters of recommendation, and financial need.  

Applications will be available at the church office beginning February 15. Applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted to the church office no later than May 1. The number of scholarships and the amount will be announced on the first Sunday in June.

Robert Wayne Feezer
Order Your Copy of  "A Life, Well-Lived, Well-Loved, Well-Earned"

The entire first printing of Jack’s Memoir was completely sold out. An additional 100 copies have been reprinted in response to requests from those who missed the first printing, and to raise funds for R. Wayne Feezer Scholarships. Copies of the Memoir are available with a tax-deductible $25 donation to the R. Wayne Feezer Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) foundation. Contributions will enable scholarship recipients to learn about the life of their benefactors.

Please email the with your contact information to receive your copy. Thanks so much for your support.
Congratulations to our 2020 Recipients!

Amanda Blank
Melanie Blank
Munya Mangwende
Rumbi Mangwende
Emily (Nupp) Sargent
Olivia Oakley
Seiler Oakley
David Palmer
Sarah Perkins
Addison Stacho
Brian Weller
Kevin Weller
Jenna Winand