About Ward's Chapel United Methodist Church
Our congregation had its beginnings in the early days of Methodism with the first record of a preacher at Ward's in 1790. Services were held from 1802 - 1845 at the historic New Tavern. Then a log chapel, built on a lot given by Robert and Mary Ward, was the meeting place of the congregation until replaced by the present stone building dedicated on May 30, 1871. 

Beginning in the early plantation days our congregation has enjoyed a close fellowship of committed Christian service. Past members with the guidance from devoted circuit riders and ministers have given us the rich heritage of today's church. From the Pre-School Program to the 70 Plus activities, our congregation seeks to make the Good News of Jesus Christ real for people of all ages. 

In the atmosphere of love and friendliness may you be inspired by worship and drawn closer to God. Our cordial invitation is extended to all who are looking for a church home.  

Come, Worship With Us...

Worship at 8:30 am & 11 am
(Summer Hours - 10:00 am)
with child care for those under age 6

Sunday School (for all ages) at 9:45 am during the school year

Remembering Our Past, Serving in the Present, A Vision for Tomorrow
 Welcome to Ward’s Chapel, a gathering of friends and families united by God’s love! Our congregation’s roots extend to the very earliest days of the Methodist movement in America. The present house of worship was constructed some 140 years ago of stone gathered by farmers from nearby fields and quarries. That congregation was building on the relationships formed in the very earliest days of the Methodist movement in America. Today, God continues to build on the work of those who have gone before us. Through faith in Christ, the living Stone, the source of life, we present ourselves in service to God.

Some of us have been at Ward’s Chapel a long time; others have joined only recently, discovering in this place a welcoming Spirit and a willingness to serve others beyond our walls. We welcome you to find your place of rest and worship with us and to find encouragement from God’s word lived out in lives of service.